Historical Relations between Qatar and Kuwait (4th May 2019)

The Historical Relations between Qatar and Kuwait: Scientific and Social Aspects as an Example was the title of a lecture given by Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Owaid in a symposium organized by the center.  Al-Owaid reviewed the strong social relations between both countries; and how the Archaeological School in Qatar had helped in the early twentieth century in graduating a number of Kuwaiti students. A number of Kuwaiti young learners have joined the school and then returned home to be the pioneers of scientific, cultural and educational progress. He stated that many Qatari families have cousins in Kuwait, and so is the case for Kuwaiti families. He pointed out that Qatar was a station for the migration of Utbis who started from Najd to settle for a while in Zubarah and then moved to live in Kuwait. He made mention of Sheikh Ahmed Bin Mohammed Bin Hussein Bin Rizk; the very rich merchant who had a great position not only in Qatar but also in the Gulf and the region as a whole. He explained that all the families, tribes and subdivisions whether in Kuwait or in Qatar are Arabs in origin. They came from Najd, and some came from Hejaz. All knows that the all Arabs originated from Yemen, whence the first migration wave began after the collapse of Marib Dam. Thus Arabs spread in the Arabian peninsula east and north as far as Iraq and Egypt. The symposium was moderated by Dr. Khalid Bin Ghanim Al-Ali.

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