The center was established in 1997 at the initiative of Sheik Hassan Bin Mohamed under a cultural project that provides academic support to historical research and studies related to the history of Qatar and Arabia (specialized expertise house). The center was announced under register number 18879/7 since April 3rd, 2008.

The Aims

  • Collecting and making available the historical sources related to Qatar and Arabian Gulf States.
  • Preparing and publishing historical and heritage research and studies.
  • Translating and publishing the historical sources related to Qatar and the region.
  • Issuing specialized studies in history and heritage.
  • Organizing colloquiums specialized in the center’s areas of interest.
  • The center gets the support of visiting professors and experts in diplomatics, archiving, history and heritage.
  • The center offers Grants for Master students specialized in the history of Qatar.


Documents are an essential and important source for those who do research in history as being witness of past events


This department aims at collecting as much as possible of paper and digital original photographs that provide visual sources related to Qatar and Arab Region.


A rare collection of the oldest European maps related to Qatar, Arabian Gulf and Arabia since 1478 until the early 20th century.


A rare collection of the earliest newspapers and gazettes since 1857, which chronicle the birth of Arab Press and constitute unmatched record in its history.

Specialized Library

The library contains a rare collection of historical references and sources that relate to the history of Qatar and the Gulf

Research and Publishing

This department attends to preparing historical and heritage research and studies as well as translating the related foreign references and sources like books of travelers and Political Residents.


  • A documentary project entitled “Qatar and Arabian Gulf in British Documents”.
  • A book entitled “Majmo’a al-Fadail fi Fan al-Nasab wa Tarikh al-Qabail”, written by “Rashid bin Fadel Binali” and examined by Hassan Bin Mohamed Al-Thani. This book was published in two editions; the first edition in 2001, and the second one in 2007.
  • A book entitled “Sabayek al-Asjad”, written by Othman Bin Sanad, examined by Hassan Bin Mohamed Al-Thani, the first edition 2007.
  • A book entitled “Al-Rihlat al Hejazia”, written by “Mohamed Sadek Pasha” and prepared and edited by “Mohammed Hammam Fekri”, first edition in 1999.
  • A book entitled “Al-Hajj min Qatar Qadiman: Thekrayat Atirah”, written by “Mohammed Hammam Fekri”. First edition in 2014.
  • The center is a main source of historical information associated with national events (National Day).
  • The center publishes since June, 2015 a biannual refereed scientific magazine entitled “Rewaq of History and Heritage”.