Role of the Center in Raising Information Literacy (March 2018)

Mr. Mohammed Hammad Fekri, the supervisor-general of the center, participated in the third forum for specialists of libraries and information, under the heading  Libraries in Qatar and their Role in Supporting Qatar National Vision 2030. He reviewd the role of the center in raising information literacy and the efforts to collect and make available the sources of the history of Qatar and the Arab Gulf; documents, manuscripts, periodicals, publicahions, photographs, maps, newspapers and other. He also touched on the efforts of the center to prepare and publish historical and cultural studies and researches and to issue a biannual refereed scientific magazine. Mr. Hammam emphasized that the center provide scientific consultations for many State actors in Qatar, as a specialized think tank, like Ministry of Culture, National Day celebrations organizing committee. He also explained the importance of the specialized library of the center in making soruces of knowledge available to researchers and those who are interested in history. He pointed out that the role played by the center, the consultations it provides and the books and periodicals it issues represent a credible source of knowledge that seeks human and cultural development, thorugh raisning information literacy among the Qataris and residents of Qatar, according to the vision of the well-beloved Emir of the country H.H. Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani that aims at developing Qatari people to be able to effectively participate in the social, political and economic life of the country in order to achieve Qatar National Vision 2030.


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