Publication of the new issue of the "Arab Museums Magazine" with the support of the Center (June 2017)

Within the framework of cooperation between the Center and the Arab Organization of Museums (IACOM), the new issue of the magazine of Arab has been published. The issue was opened by the orientalist Dahmali, Secretary General of the Arab Organization of Museums, the editor-in-chief of the magazine " Arab cultural heritage between unity and diversity". The exhibition included a number of research papers. Dr. Khaled Azab discussed the future vision of heritage and museums and Ossama Abdel-Warth talked about the role of museum in civilization and sustainable development. Saleh Falah tackled on the issue of establishment of museums. Dr. Ammar Abdel Rahman talked about the position of Syrian museums during the current crisis: The museum of the Open University is an example". Dr. Muhammed Said al-Murtaji discussed museums and the method of presentation & exhibition, while Dr. Lakhdar Salim Qaboub shed light on special kind of museums: Currency Museum as a model. Asma Hassan explained the facilities and materials for guidance in museums. Mohammed Riad khamiri talked about The National Museum of Iraq and it's influenced on society in the city of Samarra. On that occasion the opening speech of the Arab ICOM conference has been published, which held in Tunisia on 26-27 April 2016 under the title "What role for the Arab (IACOM) in supporting the ICOM International Observatory for the protection of cultural heritage? Sheikh Hasaan bin Mohammed al-Thani heads the organization for two consecutive sessions. 


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