The third issue of the Journal of History and Heritage (Jan. 2017)

In his research titled “Sylvester II, the Christian Pope who first brought Arab-Muslim science into Europe”, Michael Morgan defined the role of Pope Sylvester II, as being the first influential European to transfer Arab-Muslim science to Europe. Dr. Mubarak bu Asab, dedicates his research titled: “Study the Weapon Technology in “Al-Saadi” era, in the light of the Arabic manuscript: “Izz wa-al-manāfiʻ lil-mujāhidīn fī sabīl Allāh bi-ālāt al-ḥurūb wa-al-madāfi”.  Dr. Nasir Ibrahim, presents his research under the title: “The Inclusive Society and Culture in Egypt”: a historical Study in the light of letters of Mamluk rulers”. Dr. Sahib El-Nadwi, reviews, in his research paper, the Contributions of Indian scholars in writing the biographies of the Companions of Prophet Mohammed, and their efforts in propagating Islam and Islamic culture in India through the book:"al-Iqd Al-Thameen fi Futuhul al hind…" written by Athar Mubarakpuri. Dr. Salma Ismail, introduces in her research the significance of folklore in reviewing the Islamic History. Dr. Mustafa Wajih, affirms in his research titled: “The role of bread in social movement in Egypt at the Time of the Mamluk Sultans (1250-1517)” that the most popular uprisings in Egypt, at the time of the Mamluk Sultans, has occurred for two reasons: Religion and Food. Dr. Hassan Khalil tackles legacies and inheritances during the Ottoman era in the light of Ottoman archival documents.


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