Rewaq, History and Heritage”, 2nd Issue, (June 2016)

The second issue of Rewaq, History and Heritage has been published. This issue contains a number of scientific and historical research papers written by eminent scholars, which constitute new additions to the stock of knowledge.

          In his research titled "From Arabia to Silicon Valley" Michael Morgan, scholar of Islamic legacy, reviews the contributions of Arab and Islamic civilization to the human civilization through which the first thinkers formed a real image of the modern world.

Prof. Jamal Hajar, professor of modern & contemporary history at Alexandria University, presents an image of the intellectual meeting between the politician and the philosopher in his paper titled "peace talk between Bertrand Russell and Jamal Abdul Nasir 1962-1966".

Prof. Youssef Abdullah, professor of archaeology at Sana University, Yemen, reviews a number of literary imagery in the light of pre-Islamic archaeological examples in Arabia, exceeding the matter of doubt in pre-Islamic poetry.

In his research titled "Derkaouia Islamic school in Morocco from criticizing and opposing the Makhzen to rejecting and resisting the French occupation" Dr. Qasim Al-Hadk, research fellow at Sidi Muhammad Bin Abdullah University, Fez, presents an image of the modern political history of Morocco.

Prof. Jalal Zine El Abideen describes in his research titled "Political violence in Morocco post independence" a critical political period in the contemporary history of Morocco.

Prof. Ali al-Syed in his paper titled "Humphrey II: Constable of the Crusade Kingdom of Jerusalem" depicts a character that played a vital role in the foundation of a Christian feudal state in Jerusalem describing his military role in uniting the Christians in north Syria.


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