The center publishes the first edited and revised version of the Noor al Dalalah Manuscript by Al-Khilati (July 2016)

The center has published the book “Noor al-Dalalah …Al-Jabr Al-Hisabi fi Al-Qarn Al-Thalith Ashar”. It is written by Al-Khilati and edited and revised by Dr. Rushdi Rashid. This is an instructive book in which the author has collected the most important findings in Algebraic and Arithmetic as well as its related areas. It also contains some results of the Number theory. The full name of author Fakhr al-Din Abdul Aziz bin Abdul-Jabbar al-Khilati (1197-1282), however, the title "Khilati" refers to his native city "Khilat" located in Persia. As for the editor of the book, Dr. Rushdi Rashid, he is currently working as honorary research director (distinct group) at the National Center for Scientific Research in Paris. He held the position of director at the Center of History of Arab Sciences, middle Ages and Philosophy in Paris at the University of Denis Diderot. He has compiled about fifty books in English and French, among which six important books dedicated to the Mathematics, Optics and Astrology of Ibn al-Haytham. These books have been published in English, Arabic and French.


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